As a journalist and corporate communicator, Mark Ziegler has told stories his entire career. Many of them can be found at his writing and public relations portfolio site,www.MarkZieglerCommunications.com.

Moving stories such as the beautiful longtime Boeing employee, who found herself passed out in a Southwestern Washington riverbed, having hit her alcoholic "bottom." She credited the company's Employee Assistance Program with saving her family and  career.

Stories such as another longtime company employee,who was once on the brink of eviction because of a debilitating injury to her husband. The "wolves" were at her door, but some good neighbors came to her rescue. Later in life, by volunteering for a relief organization, she helped those hearing similar not-so-distant "howls."

Now based in Los Angeles, Ziegler seeks to tell similar fascinating stores of the lives that ordinary people among us live every day. However, his writing tools have expanded to include the film treatment and screenplay.

His film projects, past and present, include:

  • "Where They Galloped, The Earth Sang," a film treatment about the life of a beautiful young woman who marries into a famous family during the Depression. Taught by her dashing high-school sweetheart husband to fly gliders, they both set world records in the 1930s. After his death in a World War II military exercise, she follows a passion from her youth and starts a thoroughbred racing operation. One horse becomes perhaps the greatest racehorse of all time. Later, she becomes a passionate advocate for the environment and animal rights.  

  • "Opening Credits," a film treatment about the rise and struggles of one of Hollywood's most successful commercial artists of the 1960s through 1980s. His famous work includes "The Partridge Family," "The Waltons," and countless celebrities.

  • "Sam & Delalla," his first script, written from a film treatment provided by Two Cuzzins Entertainment. It's the story of two brothers -- cowboys turned saloon owners in the Mojave Desert -- who get roped into a body part-harvesting scheme by a visiting seductress. Oh my!